Weekly Trainings To

Become Your Best Self &

Be a Better Leader & Man

Weekly Trainings To

Become Your Best Self - Be a Better Leader & Man

Powerful Men's Work

Increase Focus & Flow

Decrease Stress & Anxiety

Feel More Self-Confident

Deepen Relationships

Discover Your Purpose

The Unshakable Man Toolkit

The Unshakable Man Toolkit

+100 Meditations, Trainings & Practices To Become An Unshakable Man.

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Powerful Men's Work

Increase Focus & Flow

Decrease Stress & Anxiety

Feel More Self-Confident

Discover Your Purpose

Trusted By Leaders From Top Companies:


Overcome Challenges Faced by High-Performing Men

High-performing men often struggle with externalizing purpose, leaking power to various aspects, and getting stuck in their heads, inhibiting clear action. Learn to break free from these limitations.

Unlock Your Potential with The Unshakable Man Program

Explore a structured 6-month curriculum aimed at reclaiming purpose, power, and presence. Benefit from live sessions, 1:1 coaching, accountability, and a supportive brotherhood.

Find Your Tribe! This Program is For You!

Ideal for successful high achievers seeking deeper self-awareness, accountability, and purpose-driven lives. If you're ready to transform stress, trauma, and uncertainty into personal growth, this is for you.

Trusted By Leaders From Top Companies:


Master The Self-Leadership Skills of The Unshakable Man

Change your life from the inside out by being a part of this container. You will join a group of high-achieving men who are committed to doing the work. Become a fully resourced, embodied leader who can accomplish your goals and live your dreams!


Week 1: Self-Leadership Assessment

The Unshakable Man method begins by awakening our connection to our authentic Self, amidst societal pressures and protective tendencies. Each season offers an opportunity to reconnect and grow. For our 1st week, we focus on the embodied Self, self-leadership assessment, and intentional growth areas.

Week 2: Returning To Practice

This week, we focus on conscious practice in your daily life by repeatedly asking: 'What am I feeling? Where do I feel it in my body? What does it need?' This activates 'interception' and helps notice unconscious patterns, fostering self-awareness. Transcending constant protective states allows growth and connection, leading to self-leadership. Tune into bodily signals for self-awareness and tension release.

Week 3: Finding Focus

This week, we're focusing on identifying 'trailheads'—moments signaling growth barriers—by recognizing and unblending from protective parts triggered by sensations. Sharing these experiences in the group aids in integrating new behavioral responses and witnessing others assists in transformative learning. This process transcends the linear program, fostering true self-leadership development within our community.

Month 2: Power

Week 4: Embodied Stretch

Week 4 introduces embodied stretches using the BASIC Method (Befriend, Attend, Shape, Integrate, Connect). It focuses on understanding our nervous system's reactions, exploring concepts like neuroception, interoception, and co-regulation. Revisiting earlier practices helps bridge understanding with embodied practice. Crafting and practicing embodied stretches in a vulnerable, open space with the group is a key objective this week.

Week 5: Discovering Shadow

Week 5 focuses on shadow work through embodied Self-Leadership. Your goal is to consciously observe your reactions during stretches, apply the BASIC method, and celebrate progress. Identifying protective parts, exploring their needs, and rewiring your brain from shame-induced patterns are pivotal. Strengthening your observation skills facilitates thoughtful responses, promoting deeper exploration within the group.

Week 6: Going Deep

This week revisits Week 5 for deeper self-exploration amid life's challenges. We'll refine the BASIC method—Befriend, Attend, Shape, Integrate, Connect—to explore our shadows. No failure, just growth opportunities. Focus on refining stretches and applying methods in daily life.

Month 3: Presence

Week 7: Reviewing Results

Reflect on progress this week. Consider Christian's story—protective instincts may not align with current needs. Celebrate growth moments like improved self-care, faster emotional recovery, and deeper inner peace. Explore connections with inner peace and surroundings for recovery. Embrace the subtle joy of existence. Life becomes your practice, influencing choices and surroundings. Reflect on your relationship with the environment and notice somatic connections.

Week 8: Integrity & Accountability

This week touches on Integrity, Accountability, and Self-Leadership. It emphasizes maintaining commitments for internal alignment and warns against relying solely on future goals. It introduces exercises to restore integrity and contrasts protector-based vs. self-driven accountability for personal growth.

Week 9: Celebration, Appreciation, Commitment

This concludes The Unshakable Man Program, highlighting celebration, appreciation, and commitment. It encourages men to acknowledge their achievements, appreciate experiences using formative language, and honor their commitments for personal growth.

My Story...

Hi! I’m Chris Wilson, founder of The Unshakable Man. 10 years ago, I found myself in a boardroom full of colleagues + clients, and something was wrong. I started to get hives and itchiness on my body — I tried to push it away but I couldn’t.

I had a massive anxiety attack in the office. I did not see it coming.

My experience shattered my identity and deconstructed everything I had been taught about manhood and being a “real” man. I felt so deeply alone in this experience I didn’t think I could even share or talk about it - let alone with other men. It was a three wave recovery, an hour… a month… a year… coming back to the familiar questions of “who am I?”

In my search to answer this question, I started to learn how to connect with my body and developed a somatic practice. I quickly realized that reconnecting with my body was the key to rebuilding my inner confidence and science showed I couldn’t do it alone.

Humans are hardwired to be in a community; the connection allows us to heal, regulate our nervous systems, and grow. This is why I created the Unshakable Man Community.

Five years ago, I founded The Unshakable Man. Since then, I’ve worked with hundreds of men who want to train to be courageous, open-hearted leaders of their lives and relationships. I founded this community for conscious men just like you.

Will Newton

Principal Designer,


The way I think about my work with Chris is that it's training and he's my spotter. It's a workout for my emotional fitness. The number of discoveries and aha! Moments have been worth their' weight in gold. When I applied this training to my life, I just started having better results. I simply expanded my capacity!”

Achieve your dreams.

Find your purpose and power.

Transform your life, work, and relationships.

Become Unshakable.

To be your best you must train to become a fully resourced leader

Being fully resourced means you are able to actively sense and sooth your nervous system in order to respond to the challenges of every day life.

This work is physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relational.

We don't learn these skills by focusing on the work directly, or even by reading about it. We discover these skills by working through the challenges in our lives, work, and relationships. Each challenge forms a customized curriculum made just for us.

A man can not learn these skills completely on his own.

He must have a container in his life where he can train, witness other men and be guided to find his inner wisdom and connection to his embodied Self.

Answer the call of your life! Choose to be bold. Commit to growth and transformation.

Start with a free purpose and power session. In this session we will teach your the powerful 3x3 check-in tool to get out of your head and into your body. We will create a container for our first time and get clear about what sense of pain and purpose is motivating your to commit to doing deeper work on yourself.

Cross the threshold! Enter the ring!

The purpose and power session always ends with a threshold. The threshold is the choice to commit to the transformational process of the Unshakable Man Program.

You will learn to take conscious action when you are stuck, and from a place of presence and compassion you will confidently confront your fear, insecurity, and doubt.

You know you weren't meant to do this work alone.

Join me and learn to become your own Unshakable Man.

Are you ready to become an Unshakable Man?

Schedule a free purpose and power session to get clear about what is motivating your to grow!

The most important part of any coaching relationship is the container we create and the intention we bring to it. Schedule a 30 min free purpose and power session to connect to the pain & purpose that you can leverage to inspire your development.


Unshakable Man Cohort III - Graduate, Movement Coach

Nashuad Godrej

Unshakable Cohort III & IV Graduate

Brian Petraitis

Cohort Graduate, Community Steward & Group Facilitator

Steven Rosenburg

Cohort I, II, & III Graduate, Men's Coach & TUM Facilitator

Jeremy LeBlanc

Unshakable Man San Francisco Cohort Participant

Ryan McGuire

Unshakable Man Cohort I, II, & III Graduate

Ceasar F. Barajas

TUM Cohort I Graduate, and 2 Years of 1/1 Coaching with Chris Wilson

Will Newton

TUM Cohort I Graduate, and 2 Years of 1/1 Coaching with Chris Wilson

Will Newton

I was running a $50M business for a global tech company in my mid-30s, was in love with an inspiring and beautiful woman, and I had built a side hustle business that covered more than my financial needs. I was on top of the world, and yet, I knew something big was missing. So I quit. I told people that I had retired. It wasn’t until I went to The Unshakable Man retreat and began working with Chris that I realized that, despite all my success, I was living from a place of smallness. That I had not stepped into my greatest potential. It is a the ultimate gift for a man who appears to have everything. Get involved with Chris Wilson and The Unshakable Man community to find your edge and build the life you desire.


David Shepherd

Investor and Advisor To Portfolio Companies

I have been working with Chris and TUM for more than a year now. This has been a valuable tool/ resource for my personal growth journey and commitment to myself. The areas that I use TUM for are specifically practicing vulnerability so my relationships are more genuine and intimate. The community men groups have helped me on my goal to be a more transparent and brave person to accept and receive my shadows and turn them into my strengths. The men here have been supportive to me and have been able to experience more compassion, non-judgmental mentality, more loving heart, and more open minded. TUM along other practices that I do are a great deal on my own emotional knowledge and understanding of my person. Lately, the meditation practices with Chris have helped me to be more alert and more present throughout my daily life.


Manuel Torres

Professional Designer

I have been working with Chris for over a year and he has helped change my life. His ability to teach me to slow down and drop into my body so that I truly understand what I am feeling is amazing. My belief in coaching is that a coach is someone who brings out the best of the person being coached. A good coach doesn’t preach, they don’t belittle, and they don’t do the work for you. A good coach supports, teaches, provides understanding, guides, actively listens, and assists you down the path you are ready to walk. If you are looking for these qualities in a Men’s Coach then you need look no further…Chris is your coach. Chris has never been shy of holding me accountable for the things I’m looking for. His accountability is always done in a caring manner and in a way that leads me to the choices I want to make. To me an Unshakable Man is a Man who lives a meaningful and fulfilled life….Chris has helped me be the kind of Man I want to be…Unshakable!


Mike Messersmith

Director, Simulations and Exercise Management

Chris Wilson is a master at creating space for men to be TRULY honest with themselves. He is able to work with a wide range of emotions from fear and anxiety to anger and despair. Chris is not deterred by big emotions but rather bends toward them to help you experience them deeply. Chris was my coach through some very difficult times in my life and held space for me to wail and mourn the losses. He NEVER shied away from me and always made me feel heard and seen. I cannot recommend Chris & The Unshakable Man Community enough. they will change your life.


Steve Diselhorst

Author and Coach

I have seen a number of therapists and psychologists and have spent tens of thousands of dollars on different types of therapeutic and life coach support throughout my life when I have struggled with anxiety, depression, low self-confidence, uncertainty, and feeling stuck and trapped. None have been as effective and impactful as The Unshakable Man program and Men’s Coach, Chris Wilson. I literally started seeing results within just a few weeks of starting the program. From the breathwork to the emotional awareness to the understanding of “story” I started to better understand, acknowledge, and work through my triggers, fears, and anxieties. If you are looking for a coach who will listen to you, support you, challenge you when needed, and help you grow as a man, Chris Wilson is your man!


Julian Sproul

Senior Technical Recruiting Consultant

Chris guided and coached me through a very challenging time in my life . In our sessions together he created a space where i could simply allow all that was happening to be deeply felt in my body.

I felt like i had a best friend i could go to with anything that was coming up for me - things i wouldn’t want to share with anyone else. And no matter the outcome , it was all going to be fine because he coaches and guides you to be your own best friend - to honor your feelings and desires and needs and to have the courage to be vulnerable with others.


David Fraioli


I worked with Chris one on one for 4 months during summer of 2021. The tools and experiential knowledge I learned still prove to be invaluable today, and something I feel like I can build on for a lifetime. The ability approach situations more openly and observationally have had a profound impact on my relationship with myself and others. Chris was adept at working with me to build a course personally tailored to areas I wanted to focus on. I highly recommend Chris Wilson as a mens coach.


Peter Reiseman

Operations Manager

I’ve worked with Chris 1-on-1 as a coach, and have been a part of the Unshakable Man Community for about a year and a half. It’s been an incredible experience, and I’ve had the opportunity to connect with like-minded men from all different backgrounds. My emotional awareness has increased significantly, and I’ve become more confident as I’ve gotten to know myself on a deeper level. Couldn’t recommend joining the community/working with Chris more!


Steven Rosenberg

Director of Membership & Communities

Working with Chris one-on-one has dramatically shifted the way I navigate life's hardships and celebrate life's joys. Chris pulls from a variety of sources to meet an individual where they're at. Most of what he shared with me, I had never heard of. It's life-changing to have gotten to know tools like somatic awareness, parts work, breath work, and more. Having a guide and partner through that has kept me moving, learning, and growing. The community of Unshakable Man has become a favorite place to practice these new skills to support others, receive support from others, and celebrate life together. All of these flow out and imbue the rest of my life. What I've learned here has carried into and strengthened my relationships with family, friends, and work. I'm more confident about how I find my path through life and more joyful along the way.


Adam Bechtold

Product Manager

Chris is really amazing at setting up a virtual safe space where you can slow down and work on being an unshakable man! Highly recommended!


Ben Laski

Owner/Founder of The Laski Company

I only had a brief stint of working with Chris, but gained tremendous value from our time together. Chris approaches coaching in a unique way, making use of the intuitive body to help understand and guide our mind. Our body holds and tells all the stories sometimes our mind can not see or recall, and Chris really helps you tune into that. I would definitely reccommend Chris to peers and friends.


Marc Pelosi


If you’re looking for a somatic men’s coach, then Chris is your guy! I’ve worked with a lot of coaches and have yet to come across one who embodies the level of professionalism, knowledge, and heart that Chris brings to the table. He made me feel comfortable along every step of our onboarding process. I also received a tremendous amount value from our introductory sessions; they helped me get a feel for Chris, our working relationship, and the work and support that he’s offering. Chris is clearly a very well-trained and an extremely capable coach that any man would be lucky to have in their corner for support.


Michael DiGangi

Retired Executive Vice President

Chris introduced me to the world of emotions at a time when I was younger and struggled to fully grasp the profound impact of emotional comprehension on our daily lives, our interactions with others, and our perception of the world. Reflecting on it now, I perceive our shared experience as a foundational moment in my personal journey of navigating my emotions and life.


Danylo Kurgan

Finance & Business Development

Both you as his client, and himself as a guide. I took away much from my two short sessions with Chris, but that “Gregory, slow down” will be the greatest. His whole goal is to create a safe, calm container for our emotions so we can do the hard work at the root level and understand why we have the fears, anxieties, hang ups that we do.


Gregory Baldwin

Head of Development & Partnerships

I have worked with Chris and Unshakeable Man since February 2021. The one-on-one work, and time with the TUM cohort, have made a huge, positive impact on my life. With TUM, I have found a community that allows me to talk up about what's going on in my life. And just as important, ways to be honest and open up with those in my life.


Joe Ferris

Government Relations Manager

Chris might be the most genuine person I’ve ever talked to. I went into the free intro call with low expectations because it was only 30 minutes, but he gave me almost a full hour because I think he could sense that I needed it. We had an outstanding breakthrough call where he helped me process some deep trauma I’ve been holding onto. If you can afford this kind of 1:1 support, I would recommend it without hesitation.


Michael Eberhard

Board Member

I have been receiving coaching from Chris for a few months now and have been really pleased by his it. His coaching is excellent and he listens extremely well. Chris is well trained and clearly experienced. I recommend him to anyone interested in expanding their lives and getting past difficult points in their lives with support


Max Radbill

Director of Sales and Founding Team Member

Chris is an amazing coach. He listens carefully, gave me new ways of looking at my challenges and most of all he helped me to tune into my emotions as experienced in my body. I would recommend Chris to any man who is struggling or in the middle of a transition in his life.


Bob Finlay

Mediator, Parenting Coordinator, Divorce Coach, Section 15, Views of Child

It was a year of ups and downs, going into an unknown season in my life. I found and reached put to Chris Wilson from Unshackabke Man because I felt like I was flailing in water and wasn't connected to my emotions at all. We first started with just slowing down, experiencing my moment, which came as a surprise that I was not at all. Chris listened, prompted and helped me find myself, answers that were within, and some places that had to be visited and let go. Although I've moved on to a different season and our paths have separated, I still think that maybe in another season I will call on him again, not out of problems that have arisen, but out of knowing that there is a caring man who will help me call forth the best of me into the world around.



Jeremie Toupin

Layout and Merchandising Coordinator

My first month with the unshakable man has been life changing. I’ve learned to be aware, trust and understand my emotions. I’ve learned to set boundaries as well as bask in the uncomfortable feeling while enforcing them. I’ve learned to find the beauty in chaos and use every situation in my life as an opportunity to learn and grow into a better human. I’m excited to see what next month brings


Kevin Jackson

USAF veteran

I felt terribly alone in my journey. I had issues to work on. I was not satisfied with my relations with men. By joining Unshakable Man I was no longer alone. I was given the space to express myself. I took risks. I found common ground. I built my weeks around program opportunities. The Cohort was a highly engaging emotional and spiritual experience. Well organized and complete. The guiding team is skillful and loving. The program attracts men who are committed to personal growth. The culture is supportive and loving. I would have benefited from more one-on-one time with Chris and will likely sign up for that.


Brian Petraitis

This program taught me new skills: slowing down, breathing, noticing, and feeling, which I am finding essential to my success in pursuit of new life goals.


James Echmalian

Entrepreneur & Software Developer

Human connection on any level is tough, and as a guy, it was hard to find emotional guidance and support. The Unshakable Man is different from other groups I’ve been in because it’s tailored to remote interaction. It is so powerful to connect with men around the world on a deeper level, and the facilitators’ depth of knowledge of psychology, philosophy, and relationships helps to ground each moment. Through The Unshakable Man, I’ve learned that empathy and introspection in the company of fellow men are not only important but vital for me and my relationships.


Robert Lawson

Senior Product Manager, Technical

I Could not recommend this program more! The facilitators, content of the program, and community that's built through this program far exceeded my expectations. I look forward to being a part of this community and continuing to grow to be my best self!


Brandon Groux

Founder of Aura Breathwork

I was in the process of a very difficult personal situation and I knew I needed more strength than I had available to make it through it. I joined this thinking - maybe this is something I can do to help myself. What I found was a place where I could be scared, where I didn't have to lie to myself and pretend that everything was okay, and where I could truly be me. It was a fortress where I could retreat to and fall apart without any consequences. In doing that, I was able to reconstruct myself as a stronger person and let that ripple out to my family and beyond. I developed a toolset to drop out of the mental future that has me paralyzed, sharing at the wall, unsure of what to do. I am the rock for my family, but I needed to anchor myself to something. I found that here.


Alex Arnow

Product Director

My participation in The Unshakable Man Cohort 3 reconnected me to a place of safety and power. Pulling me more fully into the present, I was able to slow down and really look at myself and the other men in the group whom all have shown incredible and sometimes profound vulnerability toward one another. That’s both an honor and a blessing for me. I’m also seriously benefiting from the breathwork offerings (all amazing facilitators). The drop-in groups are always an available way to slow down, connect and hold space with other like-minded men, everyone showing up exactly as they are at the moment.


John Bellett

Traveler and Photographer

I enrolled in this cohort because I wanted to test myself and step out of my comfort zone. I am healing from an eating disorder and years of suppressing my emotions. I was at a point in my own recovery when I wanted to take it to the next level. I got exactly what I wanted from this experience. I feel like I developed new tools to help me become the compassionate man I want to be. This cohort challenged the stigmas and stereotypes that boxed me in for so long.


Jason Wood

Men's Mental Health Advocate

The breathwork & men's Groups were life-changing! This was a great group in which to get some exposure to men's work, learn about emotions, and connect with men in a way that had been significantly missing from my life.


Matt Wright

Web Developer

When looking back on my own personal growth that has happened in the last 6 months I can’t help but have this program to feel thankful for. From the bottom of my heart thank you. These men have walked into my life and held my hand while I navigated my deepest suffering and pain. The support of the community at large has been helpful and personally, I wish I would have reached out more to the men in the course.


Bryson Ninow

Small Business Owner

I am growing as a man and this group and workshop was an incredible experience. It expanded my vision of what emotional awareness truly meant.


Thomas Owen

Professional Chef and Culinary Artist

I am grateful for the chance to meet this community of conscious men and have a chance to process my current emotional journey. Meeting men who are open about their struggles is powerful. I highly recommend this program.


Adam Ferguson

The Unshakable Man program provided me with a new perspective on my daily internal operating system by giving me a framework to properly label my emotions, story, values, and purpose. Additionally, there was an extensive network of men readily available to connect, in a laid-back setting with excellent facilitators, weekly discussions, and breathwork activities. I believe this program is the future of men increasing their emotional intelligence.


Peter Reiseman

Operations Manager

I found it really helpful and eye-opening to see other men going through what I was and to be able to openly talk about having emotions since I don't feel like I have many places in my life to do that.


Jason Raybin

Sales Coordinator

TUM, Chris Wilson, Julio Iniguez, and many other wonderfully gifted and beautiful men have been responsible for keeping me afloat over the course of the last year. I have often found myself flailing to grab the air around me and they have provided the insight to breathe deeply in order to realize that I am not alone, that oftentimes, I don't have to flail wildly, and that I am supported and seen and heard and appreciated.


Ceasar F. Barajas

International Wellness Mentor and Advocate

Finding and connecting with a community of men to share, carry, be carried, love, struggle and accept- before this session I felt alone and felt like masculinity was a shield. I found several helpful habits - and connected with several amazing men. I hope to join retreats and in-person work in the future