High Performance Life Coaching For Men

Discover how Unshakable Man Coaching can help you become your best in the next 90 days

High Performance Life Coaching For Men

Discover how Unshakable Man Coaching can help you become your best in 90 days

Unshakable You,

Become the Man of Tomorrow:

Discover Your Purpose

Feel a void in your life? Reconnect with your innate passion and spark your inner fire anew.

Elevate Your Career

Whether you’re facing stagnant earnings or seeking a career transition, we’ll craft a strategy to launch you to unparalleled professional success.

Cultivate Meaningful Relationships

Sense a gap in your bond? Together, we'll delve into reigniting the intimacy and fervor you once cherished with your significant other.

Master Your Physical Wellness

Notice a decline in fitness or grappling with a healthier lifestyle? We’re here to guide and ensure you develop habits that revitalize your vigor.

Deepen Your Spiritual Bond

Venture into an exploration of self that reshapes your outlook, anchors you, and connects you to profound significance.

My Story...

Hi! I’m Chris Wilson, founder of The Unshakable Man.

10 years ago, I found myself in a boardroom full of colleagues + clients, and something was wrong. I started to get hives and itchiness on my body — I tried to push it away but I couldn’t.

I had a massive anxiety attack in the office. I did not see it coming.

My experience shattered my identity and deconstructed everything I had been taught about manhood and being a “real” man. I felt so deeply alone in this experience I didn’t think I could even share or talk about it - let alone with other men. It was a three wave recovery, an hour… a month… a year… coming back to the familiar questions of “who am I?”

In my search to answer this question, I started to learn how to connect with my body and developed a somatic practice. I quickly realized that reconnecting with my body was the key to rebuilding my inner confidence and science showed I couldn’t do it alone.

Humans are hardwired to be in a community; the connection allows us to heal, regulate our nervous systems, and grow. This is why I created the Unshakable Man Community.

Five years ago, I founded The Unshakable Man. Since then, I’ve worked with hundreds of men who want to train to be courageous, open-hearted leaders of their lives and relationships. I founded this community for conscious men just like you.

The Unshakable Man Method...

Our program leans into scientifically substantiated strategies to rewire the brain's cognitive mechanisms. We zero in on four pivotal processing centers which, when harmonized, lay the groundwork for peak personal triumph.

  • Strategic Solution

Hone your skills in analyzing and addressing challenges. Tackle immediate concerns without losing sight of the overarching goals. Master the art of choosing your engagements and knowing when it's best to take a step back.

  • Structure & Consistency

Revamp your daily, weekly, and monthly routines: from ensuring consistent gym time, adhering to your dietary choices, and always staying a step ahead in your personal planning.

  • Innovation & Presence

Embrace meditation practices that not only unleash your inherent creative power but also infuse perpetual tranquility into your everyday existence

  • Affirmation & Assurance

Triumph over fear and criticism through a reflective journey, certain to fortify social bonds and amplify self-assurance, especially in challenging scenarios

Facing our own self-doubts is often the toughest battle in our journey...

Facing our own self-doubts is often the toughest battle in our journey...

As men, society expects us to be the rock, the provider, and the achiever. Yet, amidst all this, there's rarely a pause for us to reflect, strategize, or even breathe. The weight from relationships, work, family, and financial burdens feels relentless. It's like the world is leaning on you, and it's hard to find your footing.

I've been there.

This overwhelming feeling? It's what we term as "Survival Mode." It feels like you're constantly paddling upstream, and despite all the sweat and effort, you're not moving forward, or worse, you're being pushed back. Know that this isn't a journey you're on alone.

Here's the silver lining: There are tried-and-true methods that can steer you towards reclaiming control and setting your life on a positive trajectory.

That's where our expertise shines. Day in, day out, we guide individuals ready to invest in their growth, face challenges head-on with proven techniques and sheer determination, and hustle their way up to their desired aspirations.

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Your life-changing moment?

It's just one BRAVE decision away...


Manuel Torres

Professional Designer

"I have been working with Chris and TUM for more than a year now. This has been a valuable tool/ resource for my personal growth journey and commitment to myself. The areas that I use TUM for are specifically practicing vulnerability so my relationships are more genuine and intimate. The community men groups have helped me on my goal to be a more transparent and brave person to accept and receive my shadows and turn them into my strengths. The men here have been supportive to me and have been able to experience more compassion, non-judgmental mentality, more loving heart, and more open minded. TUM along other practices that I do are a great deal on my own emotional knowledge and understanding of my person. Lately, the meditation practices with Chris have helped me to be more alert and more present throughout my daily life.”

Andrew Shulan


"Working with Chris on my Life Wheel has helped me recognize what I value most. I started coaching with Chris because I realized that my emotions were deciding my actions and not mine.

With the Life Wheel exercise and coaching, Chris has helped me navigate the emotional turbulence we all encounter when we achieve our life goals.

A few weeks after starting the Life Wheel exercise, I noticed I’d been able to overcome emotional obstacles that had derailed my progress previously. I also noticed I spend more time doing the things that matter most to me and less time on trivial activities.”

Daniel Bilog

Small Business Owner

“Working with Chris literally has been integral in my breakthrough growth in 2020. He’s a great listener and helped me re-frame many old beliefs about myself.

I’m a totally different man than before doing the life assessment. Thank you!”

Jordan Benjamin

Software Sales Executive

"Working with Chris through this Life Wheel Process has helped me build more presence, slow down and check in during one of the most trying times in my life. Our work has given me insight, strength, and joy as I continue to grow and develop as a man.”

Will Newton


“The way I think about my work with Chris is that its training and he's my spotter. It's a workout for my emotional fitness. The number of discoveries and aha! Moments have been worth their' weight in gold. When I applied this training to my life, I just started having better results. I simply expanded my capacity!”

It Starts With A Strategy Session...

We're all-in on our The Unshakable Man Method. So, how about we help you tackle a challenge for free, just to show you what's up?

It begins with a brief Zoom call. This conversation zeroes in on a pressing or recurring obstacle you're grappling with. By the end of this session, you'll have a game plan or a way forward - that's why we call it a Strategy Session.

All of our guys have said that after this first chat, they felt a whole lot more hopeful and clear about things. Honestly, in just about 10 minutes, we'll know if we vibe well. If things click, we proceed. If not, rest assured you’ll still leave the call enriched, having addressed a particular concern.

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